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Default Sunny Side Up!
First time I have decided to try and join anything with building... I'm not very good, I rarely build houses for my Sims, I usually just download other peoples or have a box haha~
There is a couple things that are not properly routed; the hamper in the 2F bathroom, the chair in the 2F bedroom with the plants sitting on it and the chair in the 2F hallway with the plant sitting on it.
Kind of Photo Heavy... got carried away~

Edit: noticed second floor plan was actually first floor o.o;

A little back info about Sunny Side Up!
This two bedroom, two bathroom may had a bit of a price tag at 82,257 Simoleon Fully Furnished or 38,010 Simoleon Unfurnished but its a perfect place for a small family or friends willing to split the price that are looking to relocate to the beach of Isla Paradiso. Its semi-open floor plan lets light easily to flow through the rooms, offering many views of the sea and opening the windows fills the house with the wonderful scent of the ocean. There's nothing better than to relax in the sun in front of the wonderful view of the ocean, except maybe your laundry scented by the ocean naturally (who needs artificial smell from a dryer sheets when you can hang them on the line!...sure it takes longer and you have to be careful of the wind blowing sand..but why are you thinking about that!).



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