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Default Hiding In Plain Sight
In Aurora Skies, a small country home sits on a quiet street. It is an ideal home for this mother and her twin boys in hiding.
The complete opposite of where they came from. He will never find them here. The two story, two bedroom, 1.5 bath home with laundry room, is the perfect hiding place. The home features an abundance of trees for privacy and is completely fenced in. There is a secret bookcase door on the second floor that leads to a small attic in the off chance that you need a "bug-out" room. The two bedrooms are a little small, but fully functional. A half bath on the first floor allows for guests to not need to invade private space of bedrooms on the second floor. The master bedroom has a private terrace with a great view of the sunset in the evenings. This home is perfect for the single mother in the family oriented town of loyal community members.
Hopefully, this mother can keep her children in hiding and continue their life without him finding them.

Custom Content: (all are free)
Flowers lining driveway: sim_man123 @ The Sims Resource
Candle Holders: pocci_Luella
Wood Rack: deeiutzar @ The Sims Resource
Windmill Art Picture: Jacob van Ruisdal
Picture Frames: MM_Rose_Livingroom_Frames
Pillows on Floor & Saran Painting: Mutske @ The Sims Resource
Fruitbowl: AnoeskaB
Eyeglasses, Schoolbag, & hairbrush: AroundTheSims3
Mug Tree: DOT @ The Sims Resource
Aveline Storage Jars & Square Prints Art: shakeshaft @ The Sims Resource
High Chair: Kyta1702 @ The Sims Resource
Storage Box: Luna Sims

Required Photos:

Front Day View 1

Front Day View 2

Back Day

Floorplan Roof

Floorplan Secret Attic

Floorplan Floor 2

Floorplan Floor 1

Floorplan Ground

Bonus Photos:

Parking Spot & Front Porch

Right Side Yard and Playground

Right Side of Home

Left Side of Home

Left Side CloseUp, Garbage Area

Left Side Utilities Area


Front at Night

Back at Night

Utility Room

Computer Corner

Living Room

Dining Room

Downstairs Half Bath


Back Deck

The stairs work

Upstairs Loft

Upstairs Full Bath (the tub works)

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 Dresser in Closet works

Bedroom 2 Terrace

Secret Attic Entrance (Staircase works)

Secret Attic

Thank you so much for your consideration of my submission.