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No.3 Pimlico Drive

A bit about the house:
This is No.3 Pimlico Drive, an art deco themed house situated on the beach front. I chose to do art deco for two reasons; the first is that I love the art deco style, I think it's totally awesome and I want to live in an art deco house. The second reason is because I made an art deco house earlier this year but sadly lost it to a HDD failure, so I was keen to make another one to share with the community!

The inside of the house on the lower floor is very open plan. This is the first time I have used spiral staircases in the game, and I was super excited to design a floor plan that centred around the stairs. I am so used to building and struggling to shove the stairs in somewhere, but I have always thought having a spiral staircase would be a neat centre piece of a home, with the space around it divided by virtue of the stair's placement; so I guess for once I was actually excited about the stairs... how unnatural. Upstairs it features three bedrooms, two of which are single and one double with en-suite, as well as separate bathroom. Outside there is a BBQ patio area and a walkway to the swimming pool. Out front there is a car port, I appreciate that in the photos this isn't connected to the road, but that's my fault for stupid lot placement, I just liked the view.

I hope that this visually pleases your retinas!

It's ok, we all laugh-snort occasionally!
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