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The other one
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Mid-Century Mini

Gary Gibson is a small town guy working his way up in the big city. He’s only two rungs from the very top of his career ladder and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get the coveted head-honcho position. Naturally when you’re playing with the big boys your career performance is ranked less on the amount of paper you can push about a desk and more on how well you can schmooze potential clients into trusting your company with their business. Gary knew he’d get his chance to leave the piles of paper work behind one day and had been researching buzz words and working on his golf swing for years in preparation. He was more than a little surprised though, when his boss informed him that he’d be expected to entertain potential high profile clients at home -old school style– You know, to really make them feel like the company cares about them and isn’t just after their money. Gary thought about his home and his heart sank. You see, he commutes; he lives with his wife and 2.4 kids in a modest little home in a great school district on the outskirts of Starlit Shores. They love their home but the scattered toys on the stairs, sticky table tops and fingerprints on the walls weren’t exactly the sort of things that impressed high profile clients.

The solution? A second home closer to the city – one that’s stylish, grown-up and completely free of kids’ mess! This fun mid-century modern home is practically designed for classy entertaining whether it’s a martini by the pool or three fingers of scotch on the settee. Its tiny footprint and lack of additional bedrooms meant Gary was able to snap it up for a steal and had money left over to hire a professional designer in to kit it out. He can’t be sure if it’s his scintillating company or the scandalous quantities of vintage spirits that are consumed on the property but Gary’s landed every big client he’s ever invited round and the best part? Come the weekend Gary and his wife can drop the kids with the grandparents and spend some –strictly adult- time together in the city!

ETA: There's lots of overhangs on the roof levels but it's purely decorative. There is only one livable floor of the house and that floor has no overhangs/additions etc as per the rules