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Default Cosy Little Cottage
I'M NEARLY DONE!! Finally!! For a small lot, this has taken me ages to get to where I want it to be, and even then I don't think it'll be properly finished!!! I want round 2 already!! :P

Edit - I am done!! My entry, which I have called 'Little Cosy Cottage' (for want of a better name) is a labour of love, I've tried to make it look lived-in, where I usually build the exterior, put a kitchen in, then get bored! It's kinda Tudor, kinda not. No idea what it is really haha!! There's lots of little bits of deco everywhere to make it feel full, and pretty much everything on the lot has been CASTed beyond recognition (hopefully!) Anyway I hope you all like it, as I've had immense fun making it Each Spoiler has a lot of photos, just to warn you!!

I'd like to thank Armiel for the piano, the build set and the extra barn walls, Lemoncady for the only single tile glass door worth having, and Guatla for the brick patterns. I cannot make any of my houses without these things now!!!

Everyone's entries look SICK!!! It still amazes me how awesome this website is, my friends think I'm a loser for getting so involved in this but I just don't care :D



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