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Default Cabin in the Woods
It took me a while to figure out how to build again (seriously, you do not want to see my original attempts with the foundation. Calling it a house would have been generous. Calling it a box would have been generous). I struggled with decor for this, but didn't want to download more CC than the scattered pieces I already had plus some necessities for that way lies madness. And I may or may not be a compulsive picture taker who needs to learn to whittle down pics because you really don't need to see eveyrthing from every angle. But with no further ado:

Cabin in the Woods*

Set deep in the national forest** this small, secluded cabin is a home for someone who doesn't mind his own company, and that someone is Martin O'Connor. The cabin is self sufficient, with water tank and generator in the attic and a few plants for fruit and veges. The old truck gets used for the bi-monthly trips to town for non-perishables and the like.

A computer in the main bedroom provides Martin with his income: he writes with only the birds and the trees (and the flies and occasional wolf) to keep him company. There is, of course, no internet, but the clunky old machine does the necessary word processing, and the manuscripts find their way to his editor on those bi-monthly trips.

The cabin has a mailbox, due to Sim regulations, and if someone ever makes it into the deep woods to deliver mail, Martin might just marry them. He's a simple man, but not as rough as his hermitage might suggest - the bathroom is fully modernised and complete with a laundry, though water use is high on his list of things to carefully watch. The bedroom has curtains for reason of light and temperature, but the rest of the cabin does not because propriety is not an issue here.

His days are filled mostly with writing or survival - chopping wood, repairs etc - but he still likes to finish the day on the verandah with a pipe and the peace of the forest.

The attic is crowded with the accumulated possessions of a lifetime. Between the dusty boxes and cracked leather cases lies a child's rocking horse and scattered toys, evidence of a faded past lost in broken memory.

*not the scary type
** forest not included