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I finally got my entry complete after a few false starts and game crashes!
I was originally going to try and create a futuristic home suitable for a mad scientist. Then this happened instead.

What we have here is a one bedroom, one bathroom home decorated in a theme of blues, greens and wood tones for either a single Sim or a couple.
The original structure of the house has been maintained over the years although some slight alterations have been made; the addition of an external front porch being the most obvious of these alterations.
There is ample garden space available to the rear of the building which also currently features a large patio area ideal for outdoor gatherings in the Summer months. Just watch out for the resident bees. We have been advised not to attempt to relocate them so they will be provided in their hive along with the property.

I tried to avoid CC but what I did use includes some plants by lemoncandy , a table cloth by LillyOfTheValley at TSR (free) and some of my own personal CC such as the wardrobe and toilet rug. The large hedge is from Supernatural and normally hidden, I simply unlocked it.

(Can I go lie down now, please? Typing all of the code in this post has sent me bozz-eyed.)

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