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Call of the Wild-ish

These days of long slave work hours in steel towers, getting in touch with nature is the trend train to be on. Everyone’s hopping abroad, but for some there’s a problem. Many are bona fide city folks who tremble at the sight of grass blades growing between the cracking concrete. But these city folks don’t want to be thought of as nature haters. So what can you do?

You can buy a piece of the Call of the Wild-ish timeshare, that’s what you can do! We have a beautiful modern log cabin in the mountains by the sea shore. You can proudly boast about hiking, swimming, and fishing in the summer; or skiing, skating, and snowboarding in the winter.

But if real nature is too much for you, you can pretend you did all those things while taking full advantage of our central air and heat cabin fully loaded with modern amenities. There’s no TV so people will think you’re a serious tree hugger, but with our free Wi-Fi, all you need is a laptop or tablet and you can watch movies about nature while looking out at it from the safety and comfort of indoors. Buy a Call of the Wild-ish cabin timeshare today, grab some family & friends, and get in touch with nature... or not! We won’t tell.

Call of the Wild-ish. The perfect place to experience the beauty of nature. ...Also, the perfect place to enjoy not enjoying the great outdoors.