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Hello everyone!

Great entries so far! It's really exciting and kind of intimidating at the same time but even if it's my first contest on this forum I tried to do my best.

For this round I tried to do something that I seldom see here on MTS : a very realistic house using tons ad tons of CC. As CC use is allowed I decided not to restrain myself and go all out with it. Of course every single piece of custom content used is free and I took extra time to check everything. And just because I used lots of CC doesn't mean that building or decorating was easy in any shape or form : nearly every single object has been CASTed for this house . So here it goes!

The Lonely Red

Required pictures

Optionnal Pictures

Picture heavy !

That's it for the pictures. Hope you enjoyed them! I'd like to point out that the house has been tested throughout and is completely fonctionnal, minous some clipping here and there (the curtains, the cushions and throws, and the shutters).