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Weeping Roses
This is my first competition ever! After being on vacation ALL July I was super exited to see I still had time left to enter! I have played Sims 3 since it came out, but never got into building until the last few months. I’m not great yet and still getting the hang of using CFE cheats. This house was built with only using Move Objects On to keep it simple.

About the house:

Modern/Contemporary 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom with one car carport. This house is perfect for a single sim or newly married couple. The second bedroom doubles as a home office. The house also features a second story laundry room. The colors I used are soft and natural feeling. The wood throughout the house is a natural pine color and really works well with the soft colors. The 1st floor is an open floor plan to give the house a feeling of being bigger than what it is.

I hope I didn't leave anything out! If I did, please let me know and I will edit my post. Thanks!!!

Custom Content:

Maxis Match - Kitchen Cabinets (Modernosity Overhead Cabinet and Stove Hood) by omegastarr82
Modern Wall Clock by cmomoney
Medium Pile Carpet Pattern by Simmiller
Banquett Fan from the TS3 Store


Builder's Island - DIY by Armiel

Required Pictures



Foundation Bird's Eye

Level 1 Bird's Eye

Level 2 Bird's Eye

Roof Bird's Eye



Front Yard 1

Front Yard 2


Living Room 1

Living Room 2

Dining Room


1/2 Bath 1

1/2 Bath 2

Laundry Area

Master Bedroom

Master Bath 1

Master Bath 2

Master Bath 3

2nd Bedroom/Office

2nd Story Patio


Hot tub

Fire Pit

I think that's it! After the website has gone down on me twice now, I think I'm done.