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Default Chalet Encombré
Chalet Encombré

When Virginie and Luca saw the secluded Chalet Encombré from atop a nearby mountain, they instantly fell in love. The sporty young couple dreamed of days spent snowboarding in the surrounding mountains followed by cosy nights before the chalet’s fire.

Entranced by these dreams, they snapped up the chalet and set about transforming it into their dream home. They often clashed, minimalism against traditional ski-chic, kitch against practical style, modern technology against the joys of a warm fire and a good book. The transformation faltered, directionless.

Ten years and two sons later, the chalet never quite reached the couple’s ideal, but time has turned the chalet into a chaotic but warm family home. Books litter every surface, snowboards hang un-used over the ever-busy staircase and the garden has fallen into messy but calm disarray.

Sofa is the Forte Sofa from the EA Store.
All non-EA decorative items, along with the doorside shelves, are by AroundTheSims3
Lot was built and photographed on Armiel's Builder's Island