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Default Mini-Modern, 72 Oceanview Drive, Starlight Shores
Hello all,

A modern solution for a minute footprint.

On the first story, a kitchen, double living room with fireplace, full dining room, and powder room. On the second, a study, full bath, and ample bedroom. And outside, a generous sized pool with diving board, and a cabana with showers, deejay booth, and a full bar.

Required Photos ...




Plan for Ground floor

Plan for First Story

Plan for Second Story

Plan for Roof

Photo Highlights ...

The Driveway

The Fireplace

The View to the Kitchen

The Study

The Bedroom

The View across the Pool

The Cabana

The Back at Night

The Horizon, from the Bedroom

Palms, framed against a hazy sky

CC Used ...

Awesims, Denizzo, Desdren, Doylataguerra, Fresh Prince, Karaskaras, Khany, Mango Sims. Mussa, Ricci, Simcredible, Simpossible, Stylist Sims; artwork by me, though meshes from various creators (including EA).