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Grandma's Haven

PHEW! I'm beginning to really hate myself for attacking a second build, but I think it was well worth it! I am happier with the way this one turned than the first one, but hey ya live and live. I actually have a story for this one.

I grew up in a the city of Chicago, but my family's legacy began in a little small farm town. My great-grandparents built our family's legacy home sometime in the late 1800s. My grandfather Mills and his wife then raised their family in that same house. My father and my mother chose to abandon this beautiful house in search of a better life. When my father passed away last spring I inherited the house. All in good timing since my divorce had just finished up and my daughter, Lillian, and I were looking to start fresh. Now, I knew the house was going to be in bad shape, but boy was I in for a surprise! It's a good thing original stone foundation was still there. The roof was rotten, outside walls were in dire need, and most of the interior walls needed replacing. So here I am, 18 months into the remodel and quite happy with the results. The only thing left is the "attic room." I've been putting off going through all of my great-grandparent's treasures for far too long. I think a home office is in need....or maybe I'll just hold on a little bit longer to the last bits of my family's legacy.

Here are the pictures of what I have made of this wonderful old home:

Inside Pictures:

Outdoor Pictures

*smacks forhead* I forgot my credits!

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Andrej_8, Simmiller, cmomoney, Alopex, alexpilgrm (I believe that's everyone. I made a list while I was playing) There are a few items form the TS3 store (Banquett fan, The stove in the kitchen and possibly a few others)

Expansion Packs

I have all of the expansion packs. I am pretty sure I used at least one item from each expansion pack except for Pets. When I submit the house through the uploader I will double check what expansion packs I used and which ones I didn't.

Armiel for the Builder's Island. without it I would have given up....
QBuilderz for the contest. I have really enjoyed Round 1 and looking forward to Round 2