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Default Round 1 Entry - THH - Ariocarpus
Do you worship the sun, does your skin crave the warm caress of her life giving rays? Working on your bronze lately? Are you a huge fan of spikey plants?

If you answered yes to any of the above then this little gem of a house might be right for you! Located in the middle of the Simtacama desert this lush, verdant oasis is no mirage. Let yourself be drawn to the sound of the fountain, the bright colours boldly beckoning you ever closer.

This house is named after a flowering cactus, and like it's name-sake you shouldn't let appearances deceive you. Although this house is found in the middle of the desert you will be very comfortable here. Take a dip in the pool, relax by the pond or just read a book in the shade of a tree; whatever takes your fancy!

This little holiday house is waiting to be discovered by that special someone, could it be you?

Furnished - 65,859
Unfurnished - 54,695
Sleeps 2 persons maximum

Additional Credits:
Pocci / GardenBreeze for numerous items of furniture/decor
Gelina for the cloud lights
Marcussims91 for the table and bench
Bakafox for her Mesa Bay - builders edition world