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I noticed I didn't have a foundation level shot, and the windows I'm using are a tad bit misleading. I don't think I'll have time to run back in the game and take it in time at the rate that imgur is uploading, so to clarify: the bay windows all have an overhang to them, but nothing is actually build off of the foundation. Additionally, there is a section where I added plants to hide that the foundation is there, as part of a higher garden area. It's that section where all those plants are pouring out of the side.

I didn't use any CC for this, and I don't *believe* I used any store content, but its possible I accidentally included one. I don't have any object CC installed though.

I apologize for the quality of the screenshots and for the lacking additional shots. I delayed getting this up for too long and only just realize how abysmal my upload speeds are

Anyway, this house was done last night after I realized I didn't like my original house. The exterior is my favorite part, as well as the downstairs. The upstairs was created when my caffiene levels were depleted, and it shows. Still, I'm very proud of this overall! The exterior of houses is my usual weak spot but I feel like this one is pretty nice overall, and I didn't struggle too much with it, either.