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As soon as I spotted the diagonal section I knew I was in for a doozy. However, even I was not prepared for the twist and turns this foundation took. Even so, I handled it and came to with something for you to enjoy and maybe even find inspiration from. Packing three bedrooms, Living room, Family room, open kitchen and four bathrooms (2x2) this home is sure to hit everything right. Trending towards modern guts, this blend of wood, stucco, and metal is aimed at the modern craftsman. Without further ado, the first house in round two:

Oxford Hitch's Modern Craftsman

I hope this one non-spoiled picture doesn't count against :P

HUGE thanks to Armi for her awesome Build set I lavishly used here.
Wonderful thanks to Q for the comp.
Great thanks to cmo for the clutter
Other CC is mine, including car and roof

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