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ECOasis by ajabilene

For round 2, I wanted to do something ultra-modern with an eco/green theme. I also wanted to really push my limits with CFE tricks. Q set us up with a cool egress, so I ran with it. Then I did a split level… on two floors - the result is pretty swanky. I proudly present the family home of the future…

Welcome to ECOasis, an off-the-grid (self-sustainig) home that boasts the latest innovations in eco-living. An oasis in the desert of Lucky Palms, this home offers three bedrooms, one bath and an upstairs office/ lab. Special features include a split floorplan on multiple levels, skylights, solar panels, wind turbines and an egress pool area that has been dubbed “The Bowl.”

Furnished: 168,433 §
Unfurnished: 84,804 §

I did use a grip of store content, but the only custom items were:
ModernLine Windows by hudy777
Modern Dining Table by matomibotaki at TSR
Dining Chair 09 by Ung999 at TSR