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Default Castaway
At some stage in his life Flinty McSimthorne set sail to Bridgeport from Isla Paradiso however en route there was terrible storm and the ship sank. Flinty woke up on a deserted island somewhere off the coast of Sunset Valley. Around him lay the debris of not only his ship but other vessels which has met a similar dire fate in such treacherous waters. Flinty had no option but to make a shelter and try to survive, and over the years his home became rather cozy (all things considered.) The strangest things wash ashore from time to time - and each new shipwreck seems to bring him new treasures. For a man alone, he rather enjoys being Castaway.

Required Shots For Castaway

Views of the home

Custom Content - All Free Content Used
Orangemittens Inset Wall Niches
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*If* I have dealt with the foundation in the wrong way, it was out of ignorance rather than cunning - the basement full of water immediately said 'sunken ships' to me

Play tested and no Sims were harmed in the making of this lot

Many thanks to the patience of our judges and to Qbie for the competition! And good luck ALL!