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The Old Dressmaker's House

Yolanda had been inspired to become a stylist after she and her sister spent all their summers with their Great Aunt Mercer in her house in Bridgeport. Years passed, Yolanda moved to Aurora Skies, fell in love, got married, had two beautiful daughters, Great Aunt Mercer died and left her old house to Yolanda... Then tragedy struck and Yolanda's husband left her a widow. She decided to start a new life for her daughters and herself in Bridgeport in her inheritance. The girls found the move to this old fashioned house a culture shock - no dishwasher, no trash compactor! Record players and a black and white television! But for Yolanda, these very things reminded her of her happy childhood, swinging with her sister under the washing line, catching butterflies round the pond, scattering breadcrumbs for the birds then using the telescope to watch them fly away...

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