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Default Open Concept Split Level - Round 2 Diwtay
Spacious open-concept split level for sale. 2 1/2 floors, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 10 minutes from the nearest beach. Both relaxing and romantic this modern property features a large backyard surrounded by a lush garden, and comes complete with in-ground pool, working waterfall, jacuzzi, and custom fountains. Matching Koi ponds in the front set the mood for the property as relaxing and calm.

The raised patio outside the pool was created by using CFE on walls then covered by a floor. The uneditable black area was EVIL genius. Not being able to fuss with CFE in those area made this build a challenge. Good challenge Qbuilderz.

No custom content was used in this build but I did take advantage of several Store items.


Required Shots

Optional Shots (Outside)

Optional Shots (Inside)