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Default Derelict and Decrepit (Round 2 Entry)
This is my round 2 entry and I'm calling it "Derelict and Decrepit"

Deep in the heart of the bayou's of Twinbrook, there is a very old house known to townsfolk as "the old Carrington place". Though the Carrington family still owns the place, they've long since moved away from Twinbrook and so the house sits abandoned and forlorn. It's one of those things the Carrington's just don't talk about, a dark stain on the family's otherwise bright history.

The house was once inhabited by Eleanor and Alistair Carrington. Eleanor had always been a tad bit "off" but generally good natured. That is until she learned of her husband Alistair's wandering eye. One night, unbeknownst to her husband Alistair, Eleanor followed him to his mistresses house and in a fit of insanely jealous rage murdered them both. She wandered back home in shock, and collapsed on the living room floor. After she realized what she had done, her mind completely and utterly shattered. The poor woman drowned in her own bathtub trying to wash the blood off herself.

To this day people say you can still see her ghost at night, sitting in the living room waiting for Alistair to return home to her.

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