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Default Hidden in the Mountains
Part Two: Life on the run can be dangerous and chaotic. For this mother, it is both. With her two boys now 6, starting over is difficult. After being found in Aurora Skies by the man whom she was running fun, she grabbed her boys and was able to escape him. Their identities have been changed and they have found a safe place in Appaloosa Plains. They moved into the home in the middle of the night with almost nothing and over the past two years, have built themselves a nice, comfortable home. The two bedroom, two and a half bathroom upside down cabin sits on a large lot that backs up to the vast mountain range. The barn houses their one horse, a good distraction for the boys, and a basement split into two rooms. Yes, another "bug out" room exists with a secret entrance and a separate entrance to the basement from the master bedroom. There is a deck off of the great room and the master bedroom along with a separate back door entrance close to the garage for another easy getaway. Hopefully, they are adequately hidden away for now, as they barely escaped the madman last time...

Warning: Picture Heavy

Required Pics

Bonus Pics: Outside

Bonus Pics: Inside

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