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Default Round 2 The Inheritance
Mother said a letter came from the family lawyer of My Great Aunt Elsie and Uncle Abner. Apparently, Aunt Elsie had a fondness for me as a child. She said I reminded her of her youth. I remembered her as a loving woman, a woman who should have been surrounded by children, but she wasn't. Mother told me she had a daughter her name was Layne and she had died in the pond when she was six. Aunt Elsie was never the same. Not that she was sane to begin with...Uncle Abner was her orderly in the sanatorium. Aunt Elsie was being rehabilitated for her condition, as they called it. She was a mermaid. Uncle Abner had an obsession with Mermaids. He even studied them religiously. After being released, Aunt Elsie had an obsession with rooms with a view no matter the view. She had been kept in padded rooms without windows for years. Now all rooms had to have a window.
Derek and I arrived just as the sun was rising. "Oh my goodness, I had no idea." I said in shock. Derek and I walked around the place checking it out.

limited cc if any none of which was created by me...still learning.
Maxis and store content recolored by sahmormakmom~ Lori Beam
Family of ghosts included for the haunting feature of the lot. Custom default eyes & makeup by Kammikitten.
*If you want just the lot, I have both attached here. Download Round 2 The Inheritance..without ghost family.