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Default Zoolie's Interstellar Cantina (Round 2)
Zoolie's Interstellar Cantina
A Wretched Dive (Bar) of Scum and Villainy

Located next to the crystal shafts in the Lunar Lakes mountains, Zoolie's Interstellar Cantina is a complete dive, unfit for any but the hardiest immune systems. Despite its rundown, unsanitary conditions, it provides enough entertainment to separate the rough-and-tumble local miners from their weekly paychecks. More notoriously, it's far enough from the prying eyes of the settlement security teams to attract even less savory types like smugglers, who take advantage of the private alcoves to make deals of all sorts; pirates, who enjoy the dubious charms of the green girl in the basement; and itinerant spacers who are either haggling for parts and services for their ships, or who might just be addicted to the back patio's pineapple bubbles.

A savvy blue alien sells the ship parts and services from small stands lining the side wall of the cantina. Rumor has it some guy and a kid tried to fast talk him out of parts for a J-type 327 Nubian cruiser last week but he wasn't taken in by the hand-waving. (Note for judges: 99% of that exterior stuff is decorative -- there's just one junk pile, so hopefully that is not too much functionality for the contest rules. The only other functional items off the foundation are a table and chairs and a bubble machine.)

The interior first floor has a bar, several seating alcoves, and two all-in-one bathrooms. (No doubt the owner charges the miners for showers.) The second floor has another bar, another bathroom, a dominoes table, an arcade game, a robotic blackjack table, and a stage for jam sessions. In the basement there's a stereo and dance floor, plus a private bedroom for whatever it is that might transpire.