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Default Round 2 Louisa's luxury
When Derek and Amanda Butterworth died suddenly they left their teen daughter in possession of a drab rundown two bed with under ground parking. Louisa's inexperience soon showed however as she set the kitchen on fire trying to cook. the resulting blaze gutted the house collapsing the floors down into the garage. Now back from uni Louisa has used her insurance money and contractors to make sweeping changes. Gone are the garage and wooden stairs. The house now rerendered in crisp white has glass spiral stairs and a sunken private outdoor area. With a sauna and cinema filling the remaining old garage. upstairs now has an upgraded ensuite and larger bedroom with the small room left over now a gym. Finally the old oak was cut down to make way for a wind turbine and new carport.

CC credits: ea store TSR(Manuke, Dot, Mutske, Cyclonesue, Gosik)
I would like to add that i have noticed that the outside space looks like 2 different tiles under the arch. it is the same, just the shadow (annoying me )