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Dwindling Water

A bit about the house:
Here is the inspirationally named, Dwindling Water; if you can guess what iconic architectural building this is named after then reward yourself with a cookie. Now you might say that this house is modern in style, well I hope you do, because I never really make modern houses, and to say I struggled with it would be a gross understatement! I cannot express in numerical value the amount of time I spent on this house, well I probably can, but I don't care to, because it was a lot more than is proportional to the quality of the finished product. Nevertheless, I have made a modern(-ish) house, and my presuppositions about building modern houses as being "easy", it is safe to say, have been abolished.

The house itself is quite small, the entry level contains a completely open plan kitchen, dining area, lounge and study, while the downstairs level contains a double bedroom and bathroom. Outside the landscaping is very simple (you would not believe how hard it was for me to avoid shoving vegetation here there and everywhere), and there is a simple pond with a waterfall leading to the lower pond. There is semi-covered parking outside for one car.

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