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Cherry Manor

Cherry Manor is named after all of the wonderful mature Cherry trees that can be found on the property. This wonderful home belongs to Erin Smythe and her daughter Keely. When Erin left Ireland after her divorce was final, Keely was no more than 6 months old and she had no one in the world to help her. Determined to be a good role model for her daughter Erin started working as daycare assistant. Living in a one bedroom ran down apartment wasn't her idea of living big. So Erin took the plunge and enrolled in college to become a licensed daycare provider and early education teacher. After finishing school it was time to find a house. 6 years later Erin and Keely have found the perfect home and are just settling in.

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QBuilderz for hosting this amazing contest. I have had a lot of fun thus far and look forward to Round 3.

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