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Default Tabloid Delight
Tabloid Dream

The ‘Tabloid Dream’ is thus called because of its distinctive black, white and red colour scheme - and because of how much the papparazzi wish they could get inside.

Home to a notorious playboy rockstar, most of the living space is dedicated to entertaining with a large dance floor and pool dominating the sunken garden, a bar overlooking the garden and surrounding views and an open layout that makes movement easy regardless of how crowded the party.

The second and third floors contain more personal rooms – a large bedroom/study and a performance space – although the style of these rooms is in keeping with the rest of the house – and walls (and related ideas of privacy) are noticeably absent.

Contrary to the house’s name, there is very little to see from the front. Windows are small and set high and the garden is hidden from view. Although the interior may be open, friendly and prone to over-share, entry is strictly by invitation only.

This lot was built and photographed in Parkwater Flats by PlayKIMSIM.
It relied heavily on CAStable Artwork by sionelle
The windows were fron ModernLine Windows Set by hudy777DeSign
The champagne glasses were and candles were from the Romanza Wedding Collection on The Sims 3 Store.
The box they’re sat on is by AroundTheSims3

edited to increase picture size