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Default Aqua Fitness Activity Centre
For my Round 2 entry I decided to have a go at creating a community lot. For whatever reason, I settled on creating a gym.

The Aqua Fitness Activity Centre is not a very large gym but it caters well to its clients needs nonetheless.
The gym features a pool on the ground floor which looks out upon the climbing wall outside where Sims may challenge each other to see who can race to the top first. There is also a bar offering a range of health drinks and snacks for those wishing to stay hydrated and nutrient-filled during their visit.
Upstairs contains the standard gym equipment of weight machines and treadmills as well as a pull-up bar for those wishing to mix up their routines. This floor is also where the toilets and showers are located.
Please enjoy your stay while you listen to the upbeat island music. Now onto the pictures.

A few Store items have been used but no CC as far as I remember except for the walls in the toilets which are by The Land of WOE.

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