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Default Almost Boat House
This is a replacement entry for round two. (not sure if i 100% like this one better, but at least the pictures should be the right size though worse quality -_- damn loopholes and such)

After she had given up nearly everything to be with her true love, everyone thought she would be depressed forever when her prince fell in love with another woman. But not Ariel, oh no, she is much to strong and resourceful for that distressed damsel nonsense. Instead she opened her own hotel catering especially for mer-people. It was a hit, the mer-people had never before felt so included into society and the normal people loved to come to visit them. Now her old flame has to see her face on every corner, see how successful she has become without him while he struggles with his several young children.
The Almost Boat (house) is where Ariel spends what little time out of her office she has. Just like her it's part sea part land and decorated with her favourite colours.