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the Vinter's Cottage

A long time ago, when the parents of your Grandsims were still laying in the middle of the floor sleeping in their cribs, there was a Sim who lived in a big old barn in Twinbrook. He made a great deal of nectar (of very dubious quality) and sold it to his fellow Sims at a time when such activities were prohibited by the NFCL (No-Fun Crumplebottom League). Eventually, of course, all good things come to an end and he was arrested and his barn burned nearly to the ground.

At the very same time a young couple who had just married were looking for an affordable new home. Sensing an opportunity, Harold Lass (a carpenter by trade) pounced on the old barn and set about building a home for him and his new bride, Georgina. It took a great deal of work, but eventually the house was finished (in the gothic revival sytle his wife favoured) and the Lass family now boasted not only a new home, but also a young son and a baby girl.

The children, Herbert and Emily, had a wonderful childhood and both grew into fine young Sims. Each went their own way into the world to seek adventure and companionship. Both traveled the world extensively, all the while keeping in touch with their parents back in Twinbrook. The years passed and and before they knew it, Herbert and Emily were now the owners of the the old Vinter's cottage.

By now, the home was out of date and out of fashion, but the siblings felt comfortable in their old home. The nursery they slept in as children was converted into a sitting room, and Herbert's old playroom became an office. Treasures they had collected during their travels found a new place to call home and they even installed a fancy new electric fireplace in the lounge. And, a discovery was made.... In the cellar, the two found nectar making machines in with some discarded furniture and the ancient washer. It turns out that carpentry was not the only thing old Harold had excelled at.

So if you happen to be visiting Twinbrook and you see the fancy old house out in the swamps, be sure to drop in. You'll be greeted with a nice glass of nectar and stories of great adventures in the far reaches of Simdom.