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Ffiouu ! Almost didn't make it! (I live in Europe and did an all nighter to pull this off so please forgive me for any mistake that I may have missed). Thank you Q. for the delay it really saved me. ^^ And thank you to all the judges for the time they took to score and comment the first round entries.

Second round entry :

After three different atempts at this foundation, I finally caved and went for a modern looking house with a feature that I have always wanted to include: an aquarium/pool with views from a basement. ^^

Once I relented to my desires, building was suprisingly easy. Unfortunately when time came to furnish and decorate the interior, inspiration just left me and it took me days to finally decide on a color scheme and an atmosphere for this house. Even trying to picture the house's owner was a hassle. Merely two days before the end of this round I just threw caution to the wind and went with it. This is what I achieved. Enjoy !

The Inspiring Abode

House information
  • Model house without clutter or personal belongings The car isn't included although it is an eco friendly one.
  • Completely landscaped garden with a ping-pong table, a basket ball court, a swimming pool and a hot tub ready for your enjoyment
  • Open floor plan with kitchen, dining and living areas
  • Master suite featuring an open bathroom area with bathtub and shower
  • Private study opening onto two balconies
  • Herbal roof garden and private covered balcony
  • Furnished basement, perfect for entertaining with pool table, large flat screen and a professionnal bar

Required screenshots

Optionnal screenshots

Picture heavy


As usual, every single piece of custom content used in this house is free.

The car was from a free set available at the Store but it seems like it doesn't exist anymore...

That's it! Hope you enjoyed!