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Default The Dorothy Lane Centre for Arts
Phew. This didn't turn out quite how I wanted, and I've probably missed something between alll the crazy stuff and deadline. But I'm glad I tried something different (for me) anyway.

The Dorothy Lane Centre for Arts
This modern art centre is a gallery and workshop combined. It aims to promote both local and international artists - currently on display are the works of world reknowned sculpture Giuseppe Magenta alongside local girl Veronica Mayne.

Upstairs is devotedly entirely to the artists themselves rather than the public, with facilities for painting, sculpture, design - the inclusion of clothing design is a new addition to the Centre - and a quiet room for research, writing or if you just need to really be able to think while painting. Classes are also ran regularly, and while the focus in the gallery is on modern art, they also teach traditional colour techniques and the like.

The small cafe and unisex bathroom makes visitors a little more comfortable.

Dorothy Lane was a huge philanthropist in Sunset Valley with a decided passion for the arts. Over the course of her eighty years, she donated massively of her personal wealth to promoting art and culture around town, making it a veritable haven for artists, despite its otherwise small town status. She also contributed to charity and research, most notably Open Schools (promoting literacy for underprivelaged children) and cancer research at the nearby science centre.