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Dying... slowly... I've never spent this much time on a lot before. And just as i was getting ready to CAS I realize that the second floor overhang went over the foundation by half a block so I had to redo the section to make it right, redo the entire roof because clipping is evil, and then re-organize because the room was no longer big enough to be the master.

But its done. And boy have I got a story for you.

Blaine's Legacy House

In my random legacy I put the decision of heirhood up to the readers, but I always have a favourite in mind by the time the vote happens. Sometimes, my favourite doesn't win, but this time my favourite won't fade into obscurity.

Blaine Love was the eldest of three children, he practically raised his younger siblings all on his own and because of that, he's always known that he will have a full house. When his first adult relationship doesn't turn out and he finds himself left with his magically inclined son he feels like his dreams of a big family are gone. Until he meets the real love of his life and they move into a new home as soon as they learn she's pregnant with twins.

Now the twins are teenagers, and his oldest son is almost out of the house. Blaine's wife is pregnant for the second time but they're keeping the gender a secret and have decorated the nursery with gender-neutral colours. Their house is large and in charge, but the number of toys and clutter a family of 5 can accumulate has made it feel like home.

Big Thanks to:
Armiel for her Builderz' Island
Mea for the fantastic Art Studio Paintings
Granthes for the ever amazing OMSP
Heaven for putting up with my whining and complaining

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