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Default The Knott Residence
The Knott Residence
The Knott family of lighthouse simkeepers is credited with the longest period of continuous service in the history of manned lighthouses, commencing in 1730 and with William Knott and nearly ending in 1906 at with Henry Thomas Knott until Elizabeth Knott took over the family house and continued on the long line of family tradition.

This is boathouse has reliably served as home to the Knotts for many generations, they've seen many changes in lighting technology from coal fires to oil burning lights through to this fancy modern electricity and they'll probably still be here when electric lights are old fashioned.

Practical and homely, this is a house well loved over many generations. It will keep the Knotts safe and sound and more importantly, close to the sea. That saline mistress which calls to them, the love of the ocean in their very blood.