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Round 2 - The Dornish Water Gardens

For those of you unfamiliar with Game of Thrones, Dorne is the hot, southern kingdom of Westeros ruled by the Martell Family. Prince Doran Martell resides in the Water Gardens, a beautiful palace near the sea built generations ago as a gift for Maron Martell's bride. The palace draws its name from the pools and fountains that surround it, and it is famed for its grove of blood orange trees. There are no blood oranges in the Sims, so you can just scratch that right off the list. I did include a lovely grove of ornamental pear trees, though.

Dorne hasn't appeared in the TV series as of yet, so this is mostly based on my imagination. I went for a sort of eclectic Moroccan style, which really put a strain on my CASt-ing abilities. The palace sits on a private, waterfall-fed lagoon, and the upper balconies look out onto the sea. The lowest level has an indoor pool with a porch looking onto the waterfall.

...phew. Seriously, don't ever try to CASt your own Moroccan furniture, guys. I mean it. Thank you for the miraculous extension, Q, and for feeding my procrastination habits. And thank you to the people who yelled at me for not finishing.

Custom Content
Just sionelle's 3x2 rugs (which I forgot to credit in the last round... ).

Lot Price
Furnished: §155,033
Unfurnished: §72,975

Millions of pictures below.

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