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Default The Simlan Church
Okay, this took me a while, and though I'm not really happy with it, I don't really see anything else I can do with it, with what I have.
I'm Afraid the spoiler tags are not going to help me because I am direct uploading my pics. It is Easier for me to do it this way, so I know I'll have points taken off, oh well.

Welcome to the Simlan Faith.
The Sims, they don't know that they aren't human! They feel and act human, so they must be human, right? Well, they know that there is something, a high power, that can take away things from them and also give them things. They also know that cheats (miracles) have happened in the past in each of their lives. So, they decided to build a faith
centered on these super beings [Players] that not knowing the Simlish word for it, I am calling it 'gods'.

They are NOT promised an after-life, but the Sims can see everyday, some effect from the players. They don't know that it is only one Player, for their world, so they have developed an entire faith around three 'gods' that they think are responsible for their happiness and place in the world. These are The Giver, Power, and Charm.

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