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A bit about the house:
It has taken many, many hours, my hair is sat in clumps on my desk where I have been pulling it out in frustration and my eyes have turned square, but I have finally completed my round 3 entry, Khadija. I built this house based on Moroccan stylings, which, might I add, are so fun and vibrant; 4 for your Morocco, you go Morocco! With the limited EPs I have and no CC, this house presented quite the challenge, both inside and out, but now I'm happy with how it's looking, and hopefully you will all get a Moroccan vibe from it - if you don't please pretend you do, because at this stage I'm not sure I can handle rejection .

Beyond the style of Moroccan, I wanted to make this house feel open and airy, but also warm and loving, with an angle that focused on family life. I tried to make it look as though a family had owned it for generations, that the furniture had been hoarded and the garden with its glory days behind it, yet still loved and cared for. The floorplan is designed to work to this feel, downstairs it is very open plan, with an eclectic range of vibrant patterns and airy arches (Also at this point I have never been more familiar with the 'geometric' category of create-a-style, seriously I know every pattern in there now!). Upstairs the bedrooms are made to feel a little more private, but remaining open with private balconies and arches. I had hoped that the use of arches would tie the outside and the inside of the home together, and I am content with how the space flows between the two.

Anyway, enough of my somewhat deep analysis of my house, I hope you like it

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