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Mountain Blue
Rhett and Sabrina Funke (a/k/a Jeff and Pamela Easter)thought they had finally found a place they could settle. After all, they had been in Appaloosa Plains for nearly 5 years without any problems. Now they are in big trouble—and Avery Goodspeed has come to save the day once again. How does he always know when they are in trouble?

Read on to see what happens. In the meantime, if you didn’t read the Back Story the first time around in Country Blues, I have included it above for you! Again, I hope everyone enjoys, and please give me feedback--good, bad or indifferent. Thanks to the judges ahead of time for their awesome commitment to this contest!

Blocked from view from the road in all directions because of the beautiful forest surrounding them as well as the river and mountains behind them, Rhett and Sabrina Funke feel much safer and secure here. If you are interested in the continuing story, read on here:

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