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Simmington State Library

The Simmington State Library was built in the mid-1800s as a place for the local citizens to spend their spare time, with thousands of books available for their perusal. Many precious books found their home in this library, however their fragile spines meant that they were not suitable for frequent use and thus they were housed in bookcases lining the balcony above the main reading room. This large space itself features white marble floors and is again lined with bookshelves, with the original desk still running through the centre of the room. In the late 1900s the library underwent further development, with a room being added to the side of the front entrance with plentiful computer access to suit the modern library visitor. This further development was strictly controlled to maintain the style of the original building, with it believed among the wider community that the area above the computer room is simply empty space created to maintain a neat roof line. However, through a hidden bookcase door, this secret space known only to the architects and select library staff contains many artefacts and books which are too valuable to safely house in the main library or local gallery. The modern redevelopment of the library also made use of the basement, which had long existed as wasted space. Bathrooms were added, as well as a small reading lounge.

Outside, the Library features extensive pathways surrounded by elaborate landscaped gardens, with a small artificial creek curving around two sides of the building. The bridges over the creek are original and have moved and changed shape over time due to the builder's increasing frustration with CFE overuse and movement of the land below; however they still pass modern safety requirements.

CC Used (All From MTS)
Simple Ladder by HugeLunatic
One More Slot Please by granthes
Stackable Hidden Crate by SeeMyu

Extra Notes:
Some design (and name) inspiration taken from the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia.
Built in armiel's amazingly useful Builder's Island - DIY.