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Default The Cargo Van
Starting to think it's time to settle down and have a child (or five)? Want to spend your Sunday mornings hearing the pitter-patter of feet running down the spacious hallway and back again while also hearing your children chant "Pancakes! Pancakes!"? Is it your dream to live in suburbia with your large yet lovable family? Then the Cargo Van is the perfect home for you! This house is called "The Cargo Van" for its large living areas that are built to suit you and your family's needs. It also features a large master bedroom complete with a sitting area so you can lose your mind in peace! And did I mention the beautiful recessed carport is still tall enough to fit a minivan? To sweeten the deal, this home could be yours, fully furnished, for the extremely low price of 71,348 Simoleans! Want to supply your own dumpy furniture? The base price stands at 41,038 Simoleans, no negotiating will be accepted! Get your Cargo Van today! Act fast; supplies are limited.

**Disclaimer: I started school during this round, so if it looks unfinished or rushed, that's because it is. This is what a balance of work and play looks like I was actually going to drop out of the contest the night before, but quitters never win, so I finished the house anyway.

CC Credits:
Severinka_ (TSR)
tifaff7 (TSR)

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