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Default The Woodward Porterson Mansion
The Woodward Porterson Mansion

Bridgeport is a bustling city with many secrets. Built in the early 19th century, the Woodward Porterson Mansion was the home of a very wealthy and prominent family. Mr. Porterson's wife was incredibly bored and sought to quench her fancies in whatever manfolk were around. Mr. Porterson was wiser to his unfaithful wife. He killed her and buried her body underneath the trash chute where it still is today. The home was converted to three individually prestigious condos. All have a separate service elevator and a trash chute that goes to the basement garbage can. The home was outfitted with elevators in the 1940's which caused some damage to the building. The basement houses the laundry room, trash and recycling, along with a full service kitchen. The first floor is the lobby entrance, secured rest area/mail boxes and an exit to the Mrs. Porterson memorial garden. The sauna room was made out of the old ballroom when the installation of the elevators caused some walls to deteriorate. The second floor is a one bedroom condo set to a theme of modern red. The third floor is outfitted for a single parent, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, and set to a natural wood theme. The penthouse is a black and white themed 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom and has a separate elevator entrance from the other condos. The roof boasts ornate trim, separate A/C units for all condos and proper ventilation for the trash chute. The grounds have a memorial garden for Mrs. Porterson, a lavish swimming pool with a bar, a relaxation area, and separate garages for each condo, also with A/C. The tall fence surrounds the property and the gated entrance offers a valuable sense of security.

One last time she moved, into the extra secure Woodward Porterson Mansion. She sat her sons, now 18, down to explain to them how she had taken them into hiding when they were babies to save them from the torture of the madmen that is their father. But rather than lash out at her as she expected, they understand, and vow to protect their mother, even after they have gone off to college. Is that the case? Will she be able to remain in hiding?

Special Note:
Thank you judges. I took you advice to heart and sincerely hope you enjoy this entry. Liz