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Default Searching for Surf
Ant McCartney moved to Barnacle Bay from a landlocked city in Australia in search of the surf he'd heard rumoured to be there. This proved to be incorrect, but by the time he found that out, he'd built the house... He used the newest ecological innovations from the solar panels for the heating to the grey water filtration system cunningly disguised as a rock pool. The use of dark reflective panels to build the house helps absorb heat in winter and deflect in summer. The use of local stone for the foundations blends the house with the rocky outcrop it was built into. The house's open plan theme is evident throughout, with the only closed off room being the basement bathroom. During the build of the house, Ant was sent to Egypt by work and came back with a wife, who appears in later photographs. Ant is a keen artist and photographer, and all artwork and photographs are his own.