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Default Country Manor Vineyard And Nectary
I decided to go the Community Lot route this time around. After much deliberation, I decided to make a nectary. And, so I present to you Country Manor Vineyard And Nectary

Come visit Country Manor Vineyard And Nectary! Whether you're a tourist or a local, if you're a nectar enthusiast, we guarantee you'll have a blast. Situated in the countryside, Country Manor Vineyard and Nectary has been making nectar since we can remember. We might be a small local nectary, but we believe in quality over quantity, and high quality nectar is what we deliver! Even the snootiest of nectar connoisseurs won't turn their nose up when they taste our nectar. In fact, we believe they'll find it sweeter than any nectar they've ever tasted, it's just that good. We have a state of the art greenhouse, so that we can make sure our nectar is flowing every season of the year! We also don't just grow grapes, the key to any good nectar is mixing the grapes with other fruits, and our growers are the best in the business.

Open to the public 4 days a week, we offer tours and nectar tasting. Want to know how our nectar is made, or if ours really does compare to that high-priced brand name? Come on down and see for yourself!

I completed this in one day, and got it in just under the wire! I hope I didn't forget anything

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