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Default Hong Kong Highrise Penthouse (Round 3)
OMG, I think I actually finished it before the deadline, and it's not a half-built shack! Some quick notes about the pictures. Judges, as you will probably note from the odd dimensions of the building, it was hard to get a straight-on shot for the required pictures, except from very far away. So I added two more closer shots of the front and back, but they don't show the whole building. I hope that between all of the shots you will get what you need, You will also notice that some of the shots are in Bridgeport (for the ambience) and some are in armiel's Builder's Island (for the ease of photography.) I didn't see anything in the rules against that, but if I missed a requirement to stay in one world, I apologize.

At any rate... onward to the building!

Hong Kong Highrise Penthouse

Zhou Yan Li is an accomplished Hong Kong architect and interior designer whose taste runs toward the sleek and modern, while her husband, Yu Wai Leong, is a successful art collector specializing in antiques from the middle dynasties. Together they've furnished their spacious three-floor penthouse in a way that blends the modern and traditional, just like the bustling streets of the city below.

And lastly, here's a quick proof that the elevator works, in case anyone was wondering if it would, placed into the foundation like that.

I used a bunch of store items and a bunch of items from Around the Sims 3. The awnings in the greenspace are from lunasimslulamai. Thanks as well to armiel for the builder's island, to granthes for the OMSP, to buhudain for the resizing OMSP, and to Qbie and the judges for the contest.

Whew! I can't believe I made it on time! That has to be the fastest I have ever built anything.