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Palms sweating... Whew! Just under the wire. Don't like to cut things this close, but RL has been a WILD ride lately! Now I proudly present:

This Victorian Beauty is peacefully situated in a highly desirable district of Moonlight Falls, but secrets shroud this property and its owner, the charming and enigmatic Alistair Forsyte. Seriously, what is his deal? And WHY is he so damn handsome?
Built in 1848 by Mr. Forsyte after having made a fortune investing in rail, no expense was spared in the construction of Forsyte Manor. The home features multiple fireplaces, a third-floor Master Suite and a tower with a lovely 180° view of the neighborhood and surrounding wilderness. The garage was added five years ago and the kitchen was recently renovated with high-efficiency retro reproduction appliances. A sizable and priceless wine collection graces the root cellar which also boasts ample storage for the foods produced by the grounds' garden and conservatory. Some of the more... quaint... features of this home include a smallish graveyard and a dungeon. Yes, a dungeon... complete with two cells and a torture chamber. The entrance to this haunting secret is the bookcase in the home's classical library.