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Papa Mario’s Italian Bistro and Coffee shop
Everyone knows Sunset Valley is a dry town; that’s why you won’t find a bar or liquor store for miles around. For the most part, the townsfolk like things this way. Incidents of DUI or hooligan behaviour are almost non-existent. There is, however, a small set of people who feel that they are big enough and ugly enough to make their own bad decisions. If they want to get drunk on cheap booze and chat up their third cousin while their own wife sits fuming behind them, who the hell is Mayor Tisdale to get in their way?! You didn’t hear it from me but word on the street is that some folk have been smuggling alcohol into town and have small bars set up in various top secret locations in town. One suspected location is the store room over at Papa Mario’s Italian Bistro and Coffee shop. Let’s hope nobody tips off the police before I get to neck a few shots!

Functions as a Java Bar (coffee shop) in game. Lot includes an actual RH bistro and a book shop.

Made in about 7 hours! That’s a record for me Sorry my pic quality is crappy though. I didn’t realise until I had no time left to re-take them :/

Credits: Lots of decor from ATS3.
Armi's build set
EA store.
Thanks to Sionelle, who's Star Wars bar gave me a good kick in the ass and made me step out of my comfort zone with a community lot :p

PS Crappity crap, crap. I just remembered one of the judges is Italian... please don’t dock points for horrendous stereotyping! I fully admit I know nothing about Italian decor but it’s meant to be a cheesy “authentic” bistro anyway so should be a bit stereotypical >_<

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