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Default Lazy Afternoon
”hmmmmm listen to the sounds of nature….What you can’t hear it?” *sits up from rocker on the porch.* “Well then come along and I’ll show you the nature.” *as Molly stands up she waves you over to talk.*
“Hi, my name is Molly Rivers. I live here in whispering pines with my daughter Katie and husband Bruce. It’s such a change from the hussle and bussle of the city. Bruce and I started out as high school sweethearts. We graduated from Sun Valley High and attended Sim State. “Go llamas!” *Molly assumes her cheerleader stance and pumps a fist in the air as she recites the school cheer.* “Oh excuse me, sometimes I forget myself. Come along, I’ll show you around…Over here is our small diary barn this here is Franny. She is the best milker I have. Remind me before you leave to get you a jug of fresh milk and cream for your travels.” Molly motions toward the cows in the barn as she leads you out of the Pasture.
You notice Bruce walking towards the rear of the cabin and give a simple wave to him .

"Funny story, We were hiking up in these mountains when we came upon this densely covered, broken cabin. A crack of lightning answered the question for us on where to go from there. There was no hope for the cabin so when searched around in the dense grasses and vines until we found the entrance to the mill." Molly takes a sip of her coffee and continues on. "The place was a flour mill. The records said it was the town grist mill and the millwright would grind everyones corn and wheat for a small fee. A small sack of their flour or meal as payment. He worked diligently every day until his death. The mill was silenced for over one hundred forty years. Bruce inquired about the property and purchased it for a steal. He went right to work clearing the grounds of debris on our breaks from school. He luckily finished just before Katie came. Take a look around...I have to finish feeding and changing the baby.