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I know the round has finished, but I want to share anyway It has nothing on everyone else's last minute entries, but I'm proud of it. Due to the rushed nature of, well, everything, you are saved too much of a lecture on Victorian housing :P

Editish: Well, I had to sign up for imageshack because of photobucket limiting me, but apparently imageshack won't let me link images, so I apologise for the urls (and I dislike imageshack more than photobucket, something I wouldn't have thought possible). The internet officially hates me.
Second edit: figured it out, way more complicated than needs me, but pictures in thread!

Upgraded for the modern resident (though many of the upgrades are now outdated), Victoriana still retains its heritage air. While wired now for electricity, the older light fittings from gas days have been kept. The house was originally built before bathrooms (as we know them), but a few rooms have been converted (again, long ago converted). More info against each picture.

Note: obviously due to Sims constraints I couldn't build an entirely accurate Victorian house. The rooms are too big, I only have fires in two rather than all, etc. I also made some aesthetic choices that don't quite fit and slipped across the era a little, as there were multiple building influences over the time.

The Outside



Final edit: CC: Armiel, Buhaidan, aikea guinea, Lisen, Granthe, velocitygrass