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Default Round 3: Sprung Up
Round 3: Sprung Up

Eeeek, hopefully I'm not too late for this entry to still be counted officially? Regardless, this was one hell of a panic build -I had the shell done and sitting in my game for about a week, and then returned to it last night and this morning. I'd have polished it up more, but that really would have been taking the piss with the extra time.

Also, re. round 2 - one of my judge's comments mentioned roller blinds not covering any windows. Assuming that this is about the ones in the kitchen and bathroom, they are actually covering privacy windows -you can see them in the front and back shots, but they're covered up on the overheads shots. Hope that makes sense, and that I wasn#t actually docked any points for that (not that it really matters in my case. :P).